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LUOHE LETONE HYDRAULICS TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.(Hereinafter called Letone) state Laboratory and Research Center,equipped with developed moderm machines: Italian Bimal Impulse test stand, Mooney viscosity, a moving die rheometer, high and low temperature test box, an ozone test machine, a UV test machine and super high pressure burst test machine, etc. Our professional team has 36 technicians including 3 professors supervisors, 6 senior engineers and 26 engineer and technicians. Letone has grasped core technology for manufacturing hydraulic rubber hose, obtained 16 state convention patent and 23 patents for utility models. It has involved in drafting technical standard in rubber hose industry.

Technology department

There are 19 people now,mainly responsible for the production and improvement of hydraulic hose and industrial hose,With strong professional knowledge and rich production experience,It can provide customers with on-site measurement, product design and improvement of design drawings and other technical support.

Production department

There are 77 people now,mainly responsible for the production, processing and packaging of products,we have many types of advanced production equipment, large output, high quality and variety.

Quality control department

There are 27people now, mainly responsible for product quality testing,provide production technical support to production department,ensure that every product provided to the customer is safe and reliable.

Sales Department

There are 58 people now,three are sectors : sales, e-commerce, international trade,Build a multi country, multi platform, multi-channel sales network,products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other places.

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