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LT901 150PSIEPDM General Purpose Water S&D Hose

LT901 150PSIEPDM  General Purpose Water S&D Hose

Tube: Black EPDM
Reinforcement:Spiralled high tensile textile cords and highly flexible steel helix wire/wires
Cover:Black EPDM- abrasion and ozone-resistant
Working Pressure:150PSI
Temperature Range:-30℃(-22°F)~+80℃(+176°F)



Feature: Abrasion and ozone-resistant

Product Information:

Product Overview: For applications involving industrial acid chemicals and alcohols, please refer to t5050g and T5090e chemical hoses. Suction and discharge of non-corrosive liquids for irrigation, construction, fertilizers and lasso acid solutions. The tube has the characteristics of softness, handiness, flexibility and high heat resistance. And the adhesive layer has good heat resistance

LT901 150PSIEPDM General Purpose Water S&D Hose Parameter


Series internal diameter (in.) internal diameter (mm) Outside diameter (in.) Outside diameter (mm.)   Working pressure Max WP(PSI) Vacuum HG(in.)   bending radius MIN B.R. Weight (kg/m)
LT901-100 1 25 1.38 35 150 30 4 0.70
LT901-125 11/4 32 1.65 42 150 30 5 0.83
LT901-150 11/2 38 1.89 48 150 30 6 0.95

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